Impossible Insects

There is a common belief that bees can’t fly, given the known laws of physics. That’s obviously incorrect, because bees can fly, they’re just not allowed to tell us how. Laws of physics or otherwise, it’s very clever. What’s even more clever, and even more baffling, is how a tiny spider can span such huge gaps when building their webs.

In our back garden, sometime between 8pm last night and 1pm today, there have been a collection of spiders out and about building themselves webs on a large scale. I don’t really know why they expend so much energy in building a web across such large distances when a small one would surely do. I’m sure it’s got a bit to do with ego, because it’s a bit like the struggle to build the tallest building in Manhattan, back when skyscrapers first became possible.

Mouse over pictures to show exactly where the lines and spiders live. Note that if you’re reading this on Facebook or other feed, you’re probably best visiting the actual post on my blog. Circles show where the spider lives, lines show the path of the anchors.

Between the washing line and the hedge is about 2.5m (8ft).

This one just seems daft.

Here’s the spider which built the massive web (next two pictures):

Shouldn’t this be completely impossible? For reference, the house is 4.5m (14ft 9in) wide.

Flying bees? Pah!