Was That It?

It’s New Year’s Eve 2009 and it has been ten years since the anti-climax that were the millennium celebrations.


Or nine years if you were one of the pedants who pointed out with a nasal whine that the new millennium actually started in 2001, while conveniently forgetting that we had changed calendar systems several times during the previous 1000 years.

So where did those ten years go and what the hell did I do? On reflection, that’s probably been the most productive and rewarding decade of my life so far. Here’s a list of the big-hitters of “The Noughties”:

  1. Completed a degree (2001)
  2. Started working at IBM (2001)
  3. Bought my first house (2003)
  4. Got married (2004)
  5. Turned 30 (2007)
  6. Became a Dad (2008)

That’s not bad going in terms of “big life events” and all within the decade.

So what’s to come in 2010 and beyond? Don’t really know actually… no plans at the minute for any of the following:

  1. More education
  2. New job
  3. New house
  4. New wife
  5. More children

All I say with any degree of conviction is that in 2017 I will turn 40. It’s going to be good though.

One To Avoid

I always watch Film 2009 with Jonathan Ross, despite the fact that the last film I went to see had a bloke in the corner playing a piano. It’s interesting to see what’s happening in the movie world and to keep an eye out for must-see movies that will eventually percolate down to DVD release.

Perhaps one to avoid though, is Nativity! – a British comedy about a schoolteacher (Martin Freeman) putting together (you guessed it) a nativity production. Here is Jonathon Ross’ review of the movie, which I find quite funny.

What’s wrong with the film is that it’s unconvincing and lazy on a much more fundamental level. Admittedly it has a certain amount of charm built-in, thanks to the presence of some cute kids and is astutely cast with a kind of who’s-who of modern British comedy performers. All of them deliver confident performances, but also, familiar performances. None of them are called upon to anything they haven’t done before.

However, this over-long, shoddily directed film saves the worst until last. With not just a taste of the nativity entertainment that’s been in preparation, but several whole numbers: all of them dreadful and which I only wish were instantly forgettable. I haven’t enjoyed myself less at the cinema in years and speaking as someone who loves Christmas, those songs almost put me right off it – for life.