: The Blog

This WordPress blog is the hard work confused mumblings of Ian Burnett. It is a dumping ground for thoughts, opinions, fun stuff, and general advice on a range of subjects. Nothing that he says on this site is guaranteed to be particularly informative or useful, but may be used to entertain chimps of particularly low intelligence.

Additionally, nothing he says here represents the views of his employers, his wife, or the nice woman at the Chinese takeaway.

: Me

I am a thirty-something man living with my wife and daughter just outside of Southampton. I’m quite lazy. So lazy, in fact, that I describe myself as a “thirty-something”, just so I don’t have to update my age here every year.

I enjoy being with my little girl and taking the occasional photograph – happily the two often combine together to form a permanent record of her growing up.

My day job is working for IBM as a performance expert for the CICS for z/OS product. To non-techie people, that means mainframe computers, which are the big computers that live in highly-secure facilities and people aren’t allowed near them. They run pretty much most of the financial world, and significant chunk of the world’s largest companies. I like it, in a geeky way.

Being “a computer person”, I am frequently asked to fix a multitude of problems with computers. These problems, however, have nothing to do with my day job and I usually need to guess the answer anyway. The following flowchart (courtesy of xkcd.com) provides some indication as to what I’m really doing underneath the calm, keyboard tapping exterior:

Another point to note is that I don’t keep drivers on my person for every piece of hardware I may potentially encounter.