Twitter Bible

You may have heard of Twitter. You may have heard of the Bible. There are a few people who have put it together. To get you started in the very old and the very new:

Twitter: a website which allows people to communicate thoughts. These thoughts are often trivial and/or egotistical in nature. These thoughts are also limited to 140 characters (due to the constraints of text messages), meaning that abbreviations such as BRB (be right back) and LOL (laugh out loud) are commonly required.

Bible: big book, written over the course of several hundred years from the dawn of time, detailing the universe’s history.

Put the two together and you end up with quite a fun summary of Genesis:

Day 1: Lighting system installed. BRB. Days 2-6: Some assembly required: sky, plants, cows, people. Left humans in charge, LOL. Day 7: Siesta.

I did want to check some of this out before blogging about it, but Twitter seems to be permanently over capacity. There’s loads of people doing “cool” and “useful” stuff with Twitter (including IBM), but I can never be on the site long enough to find anything useful.

Update: finally got onto Twitter long enough to find the main Twitter page: What Would God Tweet.

Wedding Season

It’s getting to that time of year again – the wedding invite stage. It’s a time when a couple suddenly becomes split into “my friend + guest”, even though the host knows fine well what her best mate’s husband is called.

Just received this one though, which is unsubtle, but probably a true reflection of a great number of invites:


(Thanks to Si and the original location of this image)

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