New Look

Having been bored with the old look of my website, I’ve just updated my website to a newer theme. It’s supplied by my hosting provider (Siteground) and I think it looks quite good.

For those reading this post through an aggregator (or via Facebook), it’s still basically a two-column blue affair. You can visit me at to see for yourself.

Comments always welcome.

I am Moving

Only in the WWW sense though.

Since this blog was created (way back in October 2007) it has always lived at The main idea was that I would have a more serious website of, with my blog being slightly less so. I would also have to showcase my photography highlights, plus a couple of private websites for photos of Lucy and a wedding I went to back in 2007.

These days, however, it’s a struggle keeping on top of security for every individual site. Before a brief spring-clean this morning, I had the following:

  • A Joomla 1.0 site (loads of security holes)
  • A Joomla 1.5.1 site (quite a few security holes)
  • A Joomla 1.5.2 site (some security holes)
  • A WordPress 2.6 site (quite a few security holes)
  • My main WordPress 2.8 site (no known security holes)
  • Three Gallery 2.3 sites (no security holes, but quite a bit of admin)

That’s a lot of admin to look after. Neither do I need a heavyweight main website plus my blog, so they’re merging. This blog will eventually reside at, with an automatic redirect covering any old links you may have. I will be dropping the mostly unknown, in favour of a link to my Flickr site (which is now a pro account due to being a BT Internet customer). Let someone else look after the security!

Hopefully, nothing will break during this – bear with me while this change takes place. I’ll post again when things are updated and finalised.


I’ve been sitting here finishing off bits of blog entries which I’ve started recently, but never got round to finishing. Here’s a quick recap for stuff you might have missed.

Furthest back is the cautionary tale of trying to have a shower while in a hotel, although I should be thankful at least that I had lights while doing so. I’ve added some thoughts on whether resolution actually matters in a digital camera, and then been thankful for the most basic of data entry devices. More recently, we’ve been shopping for shoes, but only after my inept display of romance.

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