It’s Finally Available

After many years of working on the product, CICS Transaction Server for z/OS 4.1 is now available for customers to try out as a beta version.

This is what I have been working on for the past 15 months at IBM and it’s nice to show what you do to the world every now and again. My “bit” has been developing what’s listed on the website as the RESTful Web Services – providing information about, and allowing configuration of, CICS systems.

Don’t just expect your PC to run it though. This is a program designed for customers with mainframes – million-dollar plus machines with service contracts and dedicated support and admin staff.

Now We Can Measure How Geeky Things Are

I’ve only just discovered the Google chart API. Now the acronym “API” has already sent 40% of my readers scattering for cover, with another 45% disappearing once I point out API stands for Application Programming Interface. Stick with me here, because it’s one of the fundamental keys to modern computers.

Actually don’t.

I started with the best of intentions, but then ended up trying to explain the concept of an API to non-programmers and it got a bit long. Maybe someday I’ll go back to revisit that, but until then you can see below how I’ve used the Google Chart API to produce a nice pretty chart. Enjoy.

Sample Google Chart API call