Proof of Ant Web Access

I now have conclusive proof that ants and the insect community in general have web access. I wrote slightly tongue-in-cheek yesterday about how the ants in my garden plotted against me following taunts published on the web in an earlier blog entry. Approaching the entrance at work this morning, something flew up out of the bushes (about the size of a large bee) and either bit or stung me on the neck.

This is obviously retribution for yesterday’s comments. Now I don’t think that ants in my garden in Hedge End have walked the 15 or so miles to my work and plotted with the local insect population. So what are the alternatives? There’s no telephone line in my back garden or the entrance to A-block, so a simple phone call to Uncle Eric the bee is out. There is, however, a wireless network at both locations. From this we can deduce that both the ants in my garden and the insects at work have wireless access and regularly use the web. And they’re vindictive.

People think I’m mad, but I’m only reporting factual evidence. You find a more likely connection between all of the events.