The Giggle Loop

Despite all the rough play Daddy can sometimes subject her to, Lucy is still a plainly happy little girl who is entertained by the simplest of things. The other night I was sitting giving her a bottle and she looked up at me. I gave her a big smile and she smiled back from behind the bottle. Awwww.

I giggled at how funny this wide smile was when hidden by the teat, which made her chuckle a big, wide chuckle. That made me laugh more. Which made Lucy laugh a proper laugh. Which was funny because she was still sucking on the bottle. So I laughed.

I laughed so hard that it shook Lucy. This made her giggle really loudly with a massive smile on her face, which caused me to laugh some more, and thus we entered a giggle loop.

We went on like this for about five minutes, Lucy and myself both in fits of giggles, each one causing the other to keep going. At the same time, though, Lucy was desperate for a bottle, which meant she was still trying to laugh and put the bottle back in her mouth at the same time. More entertainment.

* The phrase “giggle loop” needs to be credited to Jeff from Coupling.