A Week of Windows

This week has been a week of doing stuff to windows.

Tuesday afternoon saw the replacement of the car windscreen following an extremely brief encounter with a meteorite. I say meteorite, but in actual fact it was a small stone flung up from the offside front tyre of a Golf travelling in the opposite direction. The noise it made on impact just sounded like a meteorite.

It managed to strike the edge of the windscreen on the driver’s side, about a third of the way up the screen. This instantly caused a 6″ crack to appear. I shouted some obscenity loudly, which rhymed with “shite”. I even saw the stone coming in a graceful, spinning, parabolic arc towards the glazing. It was caused by the extremely cheap way in which councils tend to resurface roads these days. Basically they spray hot tar onto the surface (regardless of the underpinning surface apparently) and then dump a load of stone chips onto it, hoping some stick. They then let cars drive over it for a couple of weeks to let the stones really bed-in (or go through some windscreens) and then come along later, brush away what’s left loose and then put the road markings back.

So Friday night I invoked the whole “covered for windscreen repairs on your insurance policy” thing and by Tuesday afternoon I had a sparkly new windscreen installed, complete with tinted sun visor strip and rain-sensitive wipers thingy. £70 excess was the bad news. Good news was that the full bill would have been in excess of £300 though. The inside of the car smells of glue now; glad I’m not driving long distance for a while – I’d be high as a kite by the time we got there.

The second window thing is that I was working at home today while a bloke fitted us some new front windows. The time taken for these guys is amazing. He arrived here at 8:20, had the first old window out by 8:45 and the new one fitted, glazed and internally finished by 10:15. It was just one bloke too – even for the upstairs ones, which I was surprised at.

Then tomorrow we are having the remainder of the house windows painted by our friendly decorator, Sue. That’s weather permitting by the way, with last week’s attempt being abandoned due to really bad rain.