Crawling and Clapping

Yesterday, Lucy started crawling. That’s right, the might of a seven-month-old has now just been unleashed onto the world. It really did come without warning – she had been trying without success for the past few weeks now, but not really got anywhere, until today.

Katrina was changing her nappy, went into the bathroom next door to get some water for her, then turned round to find a curious-looking head poking round the door wondering what she was doing. It’s now time for the stair gates I guess…

In other news, she also started clapping today. Again, no real warning, just a sudden desire to wake up one morning with coordination substantially improved since the previous evening. It’s like she goes to bed pondering these things, then wakes up the next day to try out her new theory.

Obviously we are now encouraging her to do more of this stuff, so every opportunity it’s "Can Lucy clap her hands?". Of course she can.