Bin a While

It’s been a while since my last blog, and this one has the potential to be really dull: it’s about the bins.

We get a “householders guide” through from the council every November and it contains various bits of information regarding council services. It also contains two calendars: one to show when to put out the green or black bins, and one to show when to put out the glass & battery recycling.

Now this part of the country is pretty good for recycling, with paper, card, glass, cans, plastic bottles, and batteries all being collected free of charge, with garden waste an extra cost option. It makes other parts of the country seem very much behind the times with their token nod towards reducing landfill.

One thing which we have noticed in this year’s guide, though, tucked quietly away in the new booklet is a section which hasn’t been announced to any great fanfare: the recycling of food waste. Apparently, certain areas of the Eastleigh Borough Council area have been trialling a new system where you get yet another container (on top of your black and green wheelie bins; your black box for glass; and your green bag for garden waste) in which to put food waste.

Apparently you’ll get a 25 litre container for outside, with an extra 5 litre container for in your kitchen. The council claim that 30% of a domestic bin contains food waste. The idea is that any food waste goes into this new container (along with any shredded paper), and it is collected weekly to be taken away for composting.

Now I don’t yet know for certain what a food bin will be like in the summer with week-old raw chicken in it, but it can’t be a good smell. Hopefully this isn’t a step too far in the whole recycling thing.