Products With Good Names

I guess marketing types love dreaming up names for products: get it right and your work will become the de facto standard for that particular class of goods. For example, see Hoover. There’s also a bunch of products out there which (a bit like the Ronseal adverts claim) just do exactly what it says on the tin. For example, Brasso cleans brass.

Normally, medical products have convoluted names based vaguely on a more complicated drug name, but I’ve just discovered a brilliant one courtesy of the fairly tragic story of a whale which ended up beached on the Hampshire coast recently.

It was put to sleep to avoid prolonging suffering, with what the scientists described as:

the whale was administered with a fast-acting fatal strength anaesthetic, called Immobilon.

Now if a drug can kill an eight metre-long whale I think it fairly deserves the title Immobilon.