Where were you?

Listening to Local FM on the way to work this morning, they were discussing today’s swearing-in of Barack Obama as the new US president. Both of the chirpy presenters seemed really excited about the process, despite neither of them being either American or black. One of them even described today as being one of those “you’ll never forget where you were” moments.


You won’t remember such a long and tedious ceremony as today – for that sort of an impact you need monumentally ground-shaking, earth-shattering, sudden, hit-close-to-home news.

As an example, I still remember clearly the pictures of the Space Shuttle Challenger exploding in mid-air, despite being just 8 at the time (January 28, 1986). It was around that sort of age I was really getting into the notion of aircraft, wanting to be a pilot, and starting to show an interest in space and space-travel.

I also remember the Berlin Wall coming down, although I don’t really know why (November 1989).

I’m not going to remember anything about today, because it’s just the day when the Yanks finally get round to making it official, despite it being obvious he would win six months before the election took place.

Strangely, also I know when Elvis died and that was a month before I was born. Or maybe that’s because I am a reincarnation of the King.

Uh-huh. Thank ya very much.