It’s All Gone Dark

Driving back South today we saw something quite cool; although I think the residents of Northamptonshire wouldn’t agree with me.

Creeping down the M1, the weather was foul: lashing rain and high winds. All of a sudden, there was a very bright flash over to my right and all the lights (including the motorway ones) for miles around went out. Obviously a power-line had been pulled down and taken out the power supply for the entire area. There were a couple of smaller flashes shortly after, presumably as the power lines were swept around in the wind.

What impressed me was the fact that within 5 minutes, the lights were back on. Obviously too soon for someone to have come out and fixed it, but somehow things had be re-routed and all was hunky-dory again.

Didn’t know the National Grid could be reconfigured just like that. Even when driving, I’m learning new stuff.

Cows with Guns

I awoke at about 5:30AM one August morning in 1994 from a strange dream. Bovine revolutionaries had just taken Omaha in the most significant defeat of the US military since Red Cloud dusted Custer.

You’ve gotta worry about someone who dreams like that, but they say it’s a fine line between genius and insanity. This song and it’s accompanying animation surely lives in the "nut-job" category.

Cows with Guns website


Cool thing: there’s been a bat zipping round outside our house tonight. There was one lived locally last year and it looks like it (or some descendant) is back. I grabbed my camera and with the aid of my wonderfully-powerful Canon Speedlite 580EX decided to go outside and light up the neighbourhood for a bit.

Now bats flit around in unpredictable patterns at a phenomenal rate, so bearing in mind I was simply hand-holding the camera, with manual metering and manual flash exposure and operating the shutter myself, I was quite pleased to capture it at all. Best I managed was the following image:


Certainly recognisable as a bat, if not exactly Wildlife on One quality. The photo above is heavily cropped: the original looked like this:

Little bat