Last week the Rainbows were planting bulbs in home-decorated pots and that meant buying some potting compost from B&Q. Unfortunately, we didn’t know how much compost eight Rainbows would require, and all the really small bags looked very small indeed. So we went for a 76 litre bag, which wasn’t huge, but looked ample for our needs.

For those that can’t visualise metric compost, a 76 litre bag is about 16 inches by 20 inches by 4 inches thick (the numbers don’t add up correctly because it’s 76 litres when packed – during packing it is compressed significantly). One thing which really struck me was some of the text on the front of the bag: “easy to carry”. Now I don’t think a solid brick that sort of size is particularly easy to carry, but never mind.

The real shock came when it was time to shift this bag of posh soil. Christ – how heavy is that? The packaging also quite boldy claimed the contents were “super lightweight”. To check I wasn’t being a puny weakling, when I got home I dug out the bathroom scales and weighed it.


Again, for those who aren’t particularly metrically-minded, that’s a shade over 5 stone (about 72lbs). Or for a more stark demonstration, about a third of my weight.

Superleggera indeed.