First Feeding

Lucy has been getting particularly hungry recently and the blissful 11-hours-a-night sleep pattern has once again given way to waking up crying for a bottle at 4am. She’s now reached a point where we can’t keep her fed enough on milk alone, so that’s a pretty good cue to begin the messy process of weaning from milk onto solids.

We went out on Friday and bought a high chair, got home and eagerly began to assemble it. Luckily I’m the sort of dullard who reads the instructions completely before assembly and discovered at an early stage we were two bolts short. It was too late to pop back to the shop, so first thing Saturday morning I went and picked-up a replacement. That went together much better and Lucy’s first lunchtime of solids commenced.

She took the food surprisingly well – the independent little thing wanted to feed herself with the spoon, which I guess is a good thing. She seemed to enjoy it, but pulled some really funny faces. We began with the standard first food of pureed potato. Not too much, and nothing complicated, but it’s a recommended place to start. Obviously there was food everywhere, but when you’re expecting that it’s not really a problem.

All seemed OK, so we did the same for tea that evening. Unfortunately by bedtime she had developed a rash, which by midnight has manifested itself into swelling around the face. After a couple of calls to NHS Direct and the emergency doctor, we decided to stay awake and keep an eye on her for a while. By morning things weren’t any worse, but they weren’t any better either, so we went to the Southampton walk-in centre for some advice.

We saw a very nice GP whose best suggestion at the cause of the problem was what we’d already had a fairly good inclination of: Lucy is allergic to cow’s milk. When pureeing the potato, we added a small amount of milk to smooth things out and this appears to have triggered something. We haven’t had this officially confirmed yet, but it’s a fairly likely culprit.

Lucy, however, has been an absolute angel. She doesn’t seem to have noticed any of the problems or extra fuss over her recently and has been going about her usual business as a baby quite happily. Her demeanour hasn’t changed at all and appears to be oblivious to what’s going on around her.