Greek Goddess Of Glue

I have a new religion. I’ve spurned millennia of popular belief and fallen for the sister of Aphrodite: the plainer, but much more practical, Araldite.

My wife has a couple of pieces from the Demdaco Willow Tree ornament collection – one of them is the Sisters by Heart duo. If you follow the link notice that it is two figurines, designed so their hands nestle closely together when artistically arranged on your sideboard.

Anyway, Lucy decided our positioning wasn’t artistic enough and tried to add her input – this unfortunately snapped the hand of one of the sisters making things look pretty daft.

Snapped hand

So on to a repair job. I wasn’t sure what the figure was made from (it seemed to be some sort of plastic), so I sent an e-mail to their customer service department and got a quick response suggesting I should use an epoxy glue, rather than superglue (which wouldn’t stick) or polystyrene cement (which would just melt everything and cause more damage).

A trip to B&Q on Friday turned up trumps with some Araldite Rapid – a two-part epoxy resin adhesive that cures in 5 minutes. With some trepidation, tonight I began to glue.

I started with something easy – a fridge magnet where the front bit had separated from the magnet itself. I made up a quick batch (a pea-sized gloop of resin and hardener), mixed for 45 seconds, then applied sparingly to both surfaces. Being paranoid about sticking my fingers together, I held the magnet steady with a metal object (a pair of scissors) and put the two surfaces together and squeezed. Checking none had leaked out of the sides I held this for about 90 seconds and then put it down. What a good fix that was.

Now onto the main show. I mixed up another batch of glue and carefully applied a smidge to both the wrist and the hand, carefully lined things up and held it steady for about 2 minutes. Putting the ornament down gently and the hand had appeared to stick. Leaving that to cure for another 10 minutes, I came back and everything seems rock-solid.

Neat repair 

Now I think that repair looks pretty neat, don’t you? There is a slight ridge of adhesive which has leaked out around the joint, but nothing which is noticeable.

What is currently lacking is any indication of the scale of things here. Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed a small fibre on the arm in the first picture and deduced some sort of size from that. Well for reference, the photo below was taken with the figuring holding a 10p piece, giving you some idea of the size.



Now that’s a repair I’m proud of – I’m in love.