1st Class Way to Travel

I once used Parcel2Go.com to quote for how much it would cost to send something after selling it on eBay. F***ing fortune was the answer, but that’s irrelevant. What is relevant is the fact that I gave them my e-mail address and I’m now getting spammed by them twice a week.

I was about to remove my e-mail address from their database, when yet another mailshot from them caught my eye. Bearing in mind this is a firm which finds the cheapest way to send things via courier, this is their subject line:

Parcel2Go.com Exclusive Offer – Take the whole family to Wembley for £30

Yeah – so long as you don’t mind being crammed into a small rickety box, being jostled around in transit, and passed from pillar to post by idiots who can’t read the “this way up” stickers. Actually, putting it like that, I think they must have done some contracting work for South West Trains…

How do I apply?