Yet More Driving

Some motorcyclists seem to think they’re exempt from speed limits when they go hurtling past the forward-facing speed cameras. Motorcycles don’t have a front number plate, so they can’t usually be identified.

Apart from this bloke however, where it seems the police thought he was taking the mickey for being caught on camera not once, not twice, but seven times. Three of those were over 80mph in a 30mph zone. Once doing a wheelie at 82mph.

Here’s the full story from the BBC News site: Biker is banned for 82mph wheelie, but the summary is his reward for all of this:

  • 18 month’s disqualification
  • £600 fine
  • 39 penalty points (!)
  • £70 costs

I bet the “recognition experts” who identified him count that as a “significant result”. Round of applause please.