iPAQ? Well Packed!

It’s here!!! There’s a parcel van just pulled up, so with baited breath, I spy on him from the upstairs window… Boo!!! That’s a huge box and so can’t be my parcel. Hang on – he’s coming to our house. What the… ?

When I sign for the parcel, I notice the Paypal invoice stuck to the top: yep definitely mine. So how come the box is so large? To give you an idea of the size of the thing, here’s a picture complete with a Coke can for scale (click all pictures for a bigger version):

Big package

Big huh? All of that for a hand-held organiser, albeit boxed with a few accessories. How big are my hands supposed to be? Ripping the parcel tape off the top revealed a solid mass of unknown “stuff” wrapped in plastic:

Mystery stuff

After much pulling, twisting and generally getting annoyed, I manage to pull a solid lump of foam out of the box and realise how this has been packed.

There’s a bottom layer of polystyrene chips, about 2” deep, with the electronics on top (which had been wrapped in bags in big bubble wrap). Then, there’s a plastic liner, which has been filled with expanding foam to make everything snug.

Polystyrene chips

Taking the foam outside shows a beautifully formed lump around the electronics.

Foam mass

All-in-all, very well packed and that suddenly makes the £12.50 P&P seem very reasonable. What actually came out of the box was the following:

New kit

I’ll post stuff here as I play with it more.