Knock, Knock, Knocking on my Front Door

I’m working from home today and the Jehovah’s Witnesses have just been round as is traditional at this time of year.

They’re all very nice and just politely gave me a leaflet saying they were handing them out for people to read in their own time. Usual religious stuff: illustration on the front, with a suitably unachievable* headline (“All Suffering SOON TO END“), and several bible quotes inside with explanations for the layman.

Religious pamphletExcept that I glossed over the problem with all of these religious pamphlets: they all have their front covers illustrated by the same bloke who does childrens’ bible story books.

All of them look the same: whether the picture is of peasants in dressing gowns on the streets of Galilee, or wild animals roaming free on the plains of Africa; they all have that drawn-by-the-winner-of-the-last-colouring-in-using-pencils-competition feel to them.

I’ve no idea why this picture is set in the Canadian Rocky Mountains (judging by the snow-capped peaks and the wandering elk). Perhaps that’s where the Jehovah’s Witnesses community would all like to end up.

Anyway, I’ve cast out my sins and put it in the paper recycling bin, rather than just the regular household rubbish.

* Miserable, pessimistic git