I’ve been driving for 13 years, driven over 100,000 miles and never hit anything (not even a kerbed alloy) – until today. It was in Winchester Brookes car park and I managed to scrape the rear wheel arch on one of their many concrete pillars.

I was trying to find a place where we can all get out of the car easily – obviously with Lucy in her car seat, it’s hard finding space to swing the door open anyway, but the Brookes car park is particularly narrow and the supporting concrete pillars are over a foot wide. I tried to expertly put the car into a space, only to find I ran out of talent and succumbed to a wheel arch which I only now realise actually flares.


After some gentle rubbing with soap and water, I managed to establish things weren’t as bad as they initially looked, but it will still need some professional help.


That wash also only confirmed how scruffy the rest of the car is. 🙁