Have you ever wondered why babies are so cute?

I think it’s mostly down to proportions. As an example, when babies are born their eyes and brains are a much larger percentage of their final, adult, size than the rest of their bodies. As a result, nature needs to make a baby’s head much larger in proportion to their bodies than that of an adult.

Here’s a demonstration: lift one of your arms above your head and notice where the fold of your elbow is. I’m guessing it will be slightly above the top of your head. With Lucy, however, do the same thing and the fold of her elbow barely passes the top of her ears.

I imagine that’s probably not the only reason, but when she looks this cute, do we really need to know why?

Road Markings

If you do any distance driving up and down the country’s motorways, then you’ll know about the “keep apart two chevrons” markings that are being painted on the roads these days.

M1 Chevrons

(Picture taken from the City Transport web site)

When driving along, these look reasonably small and square, but it’s actually an optical illusion. We stopped alongside some of these markings on the A34 northbound last week. What you don’t appreciate at 70mph is the fact that they’re actually over 7ft long and very much longer than they are wide.

Have a look next time you’re driving over them – they certainly don’t look that big.