Ages ago (in a pre-blog world), I wrote on my proper web-site about my new Philips SLA-5520 (aka “The Streamium”). All was good with the world and my collection of CDs were available at the touch of a button, streamed wirelessly from my mini-ITX PC.

Unfortunately, bad things started to happen. Sometimes it would fail to power on; or briefly power-up, then reset itself, only to reset itself again and end up in a very slow loop. Combined with the fact we didn’t play music that often, I never really gave it much thought. Last week it really got to me, I had a bit think and concluded it must be a power supply problem.

Off to eBay then to source a suitable PSU. It needed to be a unit capable of delivering 9V at a current of at least 500mA. I managed to find a brand-new 1200mA version, taken from a high-end BT cordless phone. Hopefully that would be beefy enough to supply the device with any spikes in startup current required, while remaining stable enough as time went by. Delivered for £6.

It arrived yesterday and I’m pleased to report things are hunky-dory again. I needed to take the connector off the old supply and use it to replace the one on the new supply: the old one was a right-angled version to make the leads run away to the back nicely; and it had a small locking indent near the tip. A bit of electricians’ tape later and we are up and running.

The music lives on.